Declaration of dividends distribution

All BlockCC's community members can apply for blockchain service or project grant based on EOS. Except the basic cost of technology and equipment, BlockCC decided to dedicate all the remain benefit from EOS BP to the development of the community. All proceeds will be defined as community benefits, and we will set up a dedicated management foundation to manage and supervise community revenue. All voters can apply to the foundation for funding for blockchain technology, data services, or related projects, and the resulting costs will be allocated from community earnings.


Block.CC is a team dedicated to developing blockchain services to make it easier and more reliable for users to use blockchain technology in various fields. We provide technical and data services related to blockchain, and we are committed to excavating the users' needs and solving the users’ pain points to improve the user experience comprehensively by using blockchain technology. We have established a blockchain data community and hope that all the participants in the community can experience the transparency, openness and safety of blockchain technology.


EOS is a social model built on blockchain technology. Based on the multi-centralization, non-tamperability, transparent, openness of blockchain, it has established a sandbox which can conduct various social forms exploration experiments. Communities in different areas based on the EOS platform are the pilot of this exploration. Our team plans to build a community dedicated to promoting blockchain technology. We will work to help each community member to experience the transparency, mutual trust, equality and fairness brought by blockchain.

The community encourages legitimate, reasonable assumptions and practices. We hope to realize the equality and mutual trust between people through the community. The community welcomes any person or institution that is interested in it and welcomes all the friends who has same or close point with ours. As one of block producers of EOS, we believe that our community with the support of the above concept, will soon gathered a group of blockchain technology enthusiasts and experts, combined with our own technology accumulation, we will be able to do to make our community and EOS platform to promote each other.


Our team is composed of a group of young members. Young we believe that EOS is a promising platform where we can achieve our ideals of freedom, equality and justice. We will give our best effort and enthusiasm to build a safe, stable, efficient and just EOS community. Our aim is ALL IN ONE BLOCK. Today, as digital money and blockchain flourish, our community will be more focused on the changes of this era, closely following the development of the industry.

Community Support

EOS is not only a blockchain project, it is a small society built on blockchain.It provides a platform for all people who interested in exploring new forms of democracy, freedom, equality and mutual trust.This platform will be made up of communities with different goals in many different areas, just as our real society.The focus of our team is in public welfare undertakings, and we plan to move public welfare service to the blockchain. We will establish a public welfare service community based on EOS.Our community welcomes all those who share our aspirations to participate, and the community encourages all legitimate ideas and practices.At the same time, as a whole producer, the prosperity of the community will promote the production of blocks, which are interdependent and jointly supported.This relationship will enable the entire community to become the builders and guardians of the EOS ecosystem, and the community will grow together with EOS.


Worked in several internet companies, years of technical director and team management experience and 6 years of mobile internet experience. Developed and operated the China’s first ETC blockchain based browser the founder and CTO of Block.CC.
       Freelance, omni-directional interdisciplinary talent, no matter Internet or Apps, as long as he worked with will shine bright, have a loyal user group. Since2012, he got involved into blockchain technology research, and became a senior expert in the field.
The best of the younger generation, his post 90s identity gave him the most acute insight, resolutely choose getting involved into blockchain field, and became an expert of blockchain technology in the shortest time.
Worked in several companies, engaged in multi-domain software project development, has extensive experience in both enterprises-level application and internet application development, more than ten years of project experience in software industry.

Being A Block Producer


Testing Node

We bought two sets of servers on cloud server, one for full function test node and another for disaster preparedness. Our team can ensure that when the test node is down by any problem, the disaster recovery node can seamlessly take over all the current services in one second through real-time automatic monitoring.

Our Equipment:
CPU : Intel Xeon 2.5G 4Core
RAM : 32g DDR4
Storage : 120G SSD

The configuration will be dynamic modified according to the latest EOS update.

Formal BP node

After selected as formal EOS block producer node, we plan to expand our present test node configuration to full function node to achieve service coverage to all Hong Kong area. And our further expansion plan is to increase the service coverage to mainland China and Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other southeast Asian countries and regions via increasing node bandwidth, offering a variety of access.

BlockCC community plan a team dedicated to developing blockchain services. Our goal is making it easier and more reliable for users to use blockchain technology in various fields. We have established a blockchain data community. The community has gathered different areas’ people interested in blockchain technology. Through communication and collisions among members of the community, many new assumptions and explorations based on blockchain technology have burst out. All the members of the community are advocates and explorers and communicators of the blockchain technology. The use of blockchain to enhance social cooperation efficiency is not only the responsibility of each community member, but also the rights and interests of the members.

BlockCC's advantages

  1. Industry resources: The broad accumulation of various industries: talent, philosophy and market.
  2. Technology accumulation: Long-term commitment to the promotion of blockchain technology, combining with the technical spark of the community, we have built a mature blockchain service solution system.
  3. Data accumulation: BlockCC provides real-time market data of over 2000 kinds of tokens, cover most of the world’s blockchain based currency. BlockCC dedicated to various projects based on the blockchain information collection, comb, assessment.
  4. Community basics: BlockCC has accumulated a large number of users who have recognized support for blockchain through its own development. After the establishment of EOS based community, it is more convenient to move the current community users to the new EOS community.

Expense budget

  1. Equipment cost, including the construction cost of each node, running maintenance cost.
  2. Development and operation cost, including basic development, human cost of operation and maintenance, deep research of EOS block chain, and DApp development cost based on EOS.
  3. Community development funding: community maintenance costs based on EOS, promotional activities costs, and community support.
  4. EOS Cognitive promotion and training funds.

Community develop plan

  1. Complete the blockchain technology service community development plan based on EOS.
  2. Set up the EOS block chain technology service community. Community themes: provide convenient blockchain technology for everyone, all community plan will be updated to BlockCC's official website, steem, Facebook, and other social media.
  3. Complete the community incentive mechanism and supervision mechanism based on EOS Token, and establish various functional blocks.
  4. Recruit the community core members, and each core member will be responsible for a functional block of the community.
  5. To expand the community scale, migrate the blockCC users to the EOS community and form sub-communities with core members based on the interests of members of the community.
  6. Organize various community promotion activities to increase the attraction of the community and attract more resources and talents.
  7. Rely on community core members to promote various application development based on the blockchain technology.
  8. The core of the community is to provide convenient blockchain technology and data services to more people, making the block chain technology one of the cornerstones for realizing equality, transparency and justice in the future online society.

Time Table

  • EOS community construction planning and test node adjustment.

    2018-05 to 2018-06
  • Scale the test node to formal node.

    2018-06 to 2018-07
  • Establish the community and hold 2-3 offline meetup.

    2018-07 to 2018-09
  • The development of DApp based on EOS community.

    2018-09 to 2018-12
  • Expand the EOS community, gather more than 3 million community members.

    2019-01 to 2019-04